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    Do you work with bloggers and Instagrammers?

    YES! We love working with excited fans who want to help spread the word about our delicious snacks through social media posts and product reviews. Please get in touch and let us know your social media information and we'll follow up shortly

    Do you donate snacks to or sponsor events?

    We love having our snacks at events. We are usually able to provide in-kind product donations, but are always open to hearing about paid sponsorship opportunities.  Please get in touch with information about the organization or event, your product quantity needs and shipping details.


      Are there any vegan Pure Growth Organic snacks?

      Definitely! Our Crispy Rice SquaresBBQ Veggie Chips, Sea Salt Veggie Chips, and Spicy Salsa Veggie Chips are all vegan.

      Which Pure Growth products are gluten-free?

      We're happy to say that our Crispy Rice SquaresOatmeal BitesPopcorn, and Veggie Chips are all gluten-free!

      Are there any GMO's in my PGO's?

      Heck no! We're proud to make all USDA certified organic snacks, with means using only non-GMO ingredients. Many people don't realize that to be a certified organic farm you must use ingredients that are both organic and non-GMO! It's a win-win-win for you, the environment, and the farms, so thanks for making an organic snack choice.

      Where can I find the ingredient list for each product?

      You can find the ingredients for each of our snacks on their product page on our website.  If you're concerned about an allergen that is not listed in the ingredients but may be present in the manufacturing facility, please see our current list of factory allergen information.

      What snacks can I eat if I have allergies?

      You can find a full ingredient list on each product page. For more information about the other potential allergens processed in our manufacturing facilities see our chart here.


      My snacks are less than perfect

      We hope our snacks always bring you a smile, but if you're unsatisfied with our products in any way please let us know! We ask that you hold onto the snacks and packing until you've submitted a request.  We always want to hear about your experience with our snacks so we can continue to improve them. Please let us know what's going on by submitting a request and we'll follow up shortly and send over replacements ASAP!

      Do you have discounts or samples for me to try your products?

      Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media to hear about discounts, giveaways and new product launches!

      Where can I buy Pure Growth Organic snacks?

      We're sold in stores at Walmart and Target and online through and Find a store near you with our handy store locator and sign up for our mailing list to receive breaking news as we spread our snacks to more stores in your neighborhood!