Here’s My Story

Lorraine Pinnix

A healthy lifestyle is dependent on many factors, particular among them, what you consume. A great diet plan is not just about combining some veggies and fruits but ensuring you avoid certain lifestyles. Hi, I’m Lorraine Pinnix, and I want to guide you on improving your diet.

If you are here, that means you’ve finally decided to do something about your diet and going vegan. Many resources have been dedicated to maintaining a healthy diet, specifically for vegans, which has become necessary over the years.

Here’s a funny fact: only a few nutritionists can correctly recommend a plan for you to follow. Some of them do not go in-depth to provide you with intricate details, and that’s why PureGrowthOrganic was designed for you. 

Before I started working on creating articles, I considered many factors. The availability of the foodstuffs, encouraging people to remain in the organic lifestyle, and other important observations. 

Going full vegan is not for the faint-hearted, and I’m glad you’ve decided to take this path and consider me to help guide you on this journey. 

Most of the stuff you read online may not be tested and trusted. Still, every single post on PureGrowthOrganic has been tested and trusted by many members and me, and bringing it out is my way of giving back to society. 

Ready to begin your journey to healthy dieting? Here’s what you get. 

There are many organic products in the market, so much that it may confuse you. So, we start by giving you buying guides on selecting the best organic stuff for you. Here, you can find guides on choosing the best vegan multivitamin, gummy bears, collagen powder, and even protein bars. 

There’s a lot more, so be sure to check out the buying guide page on tips to selecting the best vegan/organic foodstuff for you. As I said, these tips have worked for me and thousands of others, and you’ll find them helpful as well.

Next is an entire section dedicated to educating you on how best to live a vegan life. I wrote a helpful guide on living a vegan life and recommended some healthy tea brands for your journey.

If you love to snack a lot, I wrote some in-depth posts on choosing the best vegan snacks and which snacks are essential for your journey. You’ll also find which ones you should avoid like a plague. 

PureGrowthOrganic is a comprehensive guide for you, and every post comes from an expert view. If you have any comments or a follow-up question on any of my posts, my email address is available for you. Please send an email, and I’ll be sure to get back to you.