The 10 Tastiest, Purest, and Best Organic Tea Brands

The 10 Tastiest, Purest, and Best Organic Tea Brands


Lorraine Pinnix
March 6, 2022

Nothing compares to the feeling of sipping on a delicious cup of hot tea, especially when it’s organically grown. With all of the health benefits and none of the harmful ingredients, organic tea is the only way to enjoy this beloved drink.

What are some of the best organic tea brands? Some of the most popular organic tea brands in the US and the world include Us Two, Alaya, Organic Positively Tea Company, Stash, and Tielka Tea.

As organic tea becomes more popular, it’s important to find brands that are committed to quality and natural processes in farming, harvesting, and processing the tea leaves.

To get your hands on a cup of delicious organic tea, you need to learn a little more about the brands that grow and package them.

This guide will show you the tastiest and healthiest makers of organic tea that you need to know about, and what makes them so unique.

The 10 Best Organic Tea Brands

Organic tea is tastier and better for your than regular tea, but not all brands create their teas equally.

To save you from trying them all, we’ve rated some of the leading organic tea brands on the market today and how their history and products have shaped their amazing products.

#1 Positively Tea Company

#1 Positively Tea Company

Positively Tea Company offers one of the biggest selections of loose leaf organic tea out there, and the largest online brand has only gotten better with age.

This tea company offers over 70 different teas, and their products are USDA certified organic and Fair Trade certified. Although some claim they have a higher caffeine count than others, this could be a bonus for those who like a kick.

The sheer size of their selection is what sets them apart, with some amazing loose leaf blends like Herbal Detox, Cranberry Orange Rooibos, and Pinhead Gunpowder Green Tea.

For those who prefer the classics, their Chamomile, Black Tea, and selection of Chais are just as spectacular.

A quick look at their Facebook and Amazon pages shows you everything they’re capable of, and you’d be crazy not to sample at least a few of their flavors in your next order.

#2 Tielka Tea

#2 Tielka Tea

Tielka Tea could be credited with making organic teas before it was cool, and their founder first got the idea for a tea company after visiting the team-centered cafes of Poland back in the 90s.

In 2009, Tielka Tea was born and was known as Australia’s first certified Fairtrade and organic loose leaf tee brand, which was a huge feat back in those days.

Tielka Tea remains a visionary in the world of organic tea and their online store has everything from cups and saucers to tea subscriptions available.

Their collection of teas includes blacks, greens, herbals, and rare teas, with names like Midnight Blossom Oolong Tae and Moonlight White Tea being as divine as they sound.

This Australian company has perfected the craft of harvesting and packaging organic tea, and they ship worldwide so you can get a sample of their greatness for yourself.

#3 Mighty Leaf

#3 Mighty Leaf

Mighty Leaf Tea Company was founded back in 1996 by a husband and wife duo who had a passion for the hot drink.

This specialty tea manufacturer and distributor doesn’t have an entire organic range but they do have some popular organic teas that are non-GMO and USDA certified, for your peace of mind and tastebuds.

The best seller for Mighty Leaf is their Organic Breakfast Tea, packaged in stitched tea pouches and with an intense flavor.

Other organic products in their lineup include Ceremonial Matcha, Spring Jasmine, and African Nectar Tea but there are loads more to choose from.

Mighty Leaf makes organic teas in both loose leaf and whole tea bags, to suit any preference. They’re slightly more expensive but the quality of their tea is clear, so we think it’s worth the extra money.

#4 Alaya

#4 Alaya

Alaya is an Indian-based tea company that sources its ingredients from sustainable and friendly farms in India, with its entire product range being both biodynamic and organic.

The range of teas is ordered seasonally and packaged in small batches so you only get the freshest and best ingredients, and their selection is constantly changing to suit whatever is in season.

Unlike other organic tea brands, Alaya doesn’t offer any teabags in their lineup, as their entire product range is loose leaf only.

They do this because of issues with teabags being older or wasteful, which fits in with their goal of supplying the freshest and finest to their customers.

Their big sellers include Hibiscus Flowers, Chamomile Flowers, and Lemongrass + Ginger, but they also have a range of tea accessories to help you brew the perfect cup.

#5 Us Two Tea

#5 Us Two Tea

Us Two is an Asian tea brand owned and operated by its Asian American founder who wanted an opportunity to share the Asian cultures and values that come with drinking tea with the world.

They have a huge selection of teas including Oolong Tea, Black Tea, Jasmine Tea, and Baozhong Tea, giving you something a little different.

Their bundle packs are a fun way to sample teas that you might not otherwise order, including The Afternoon Tea Bundle and The Day & Night.

Although technically not classed as organic, Us Two makes it clear that they only source tea from small family-owned Taiwanese farmers that work with Mother Nature and not those who rely on chemicals and pesticides to farm.

As a brand committed to sustainable farming and keeping the traditions of the local Asian tea farmers alive, you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality and purest teas possible.

#6 Numi

#6 Numi

Numi ticks all of the boxes for what you might be looking for when choosing your new favorite tea brand. They’re Fair Trade certified, organic, and committed to sustainable practices, as well as offering a unique range of teas that others don’t.

Founded in California in 1999 by a brother and sister duo, tea had been a huge part of their family and culture that they wanted to share with the world.

Numi Organic Tea has it all from oolong teas to green and black, plus things you might not expect. When you check out their website, you’ll also see delicious products like hot chocolate, tea gifts, and daily super shots, so you can easily get lost looking through it all.

This organic tea brand is affordable, best of all, and they’re always innovating and offering something new, so it’s worth keeping an eye on them.

#7 Stash

#7 Stash

Stash is another major tea brand that doesn’t offer only organic blends, but the ones they do have are worth writing about.

Although not entirely organic, they do source GMO-free ingredients, make compostable packaging, and use local farmers for their goods, so you can feel pretty happy about supporting them.

The Stash tea company sells mainly loose leaf organic products including their popular Honeybush Herbal Tea, Assam Black Tea, and Breakfast Blend Black Tea.

The Stash tea brand has so much more on offer, including lots of tea accessories that can really elevate the way you drink. With a whopping 50-year history and humble roots in Portland, Oregon dating back to 1972, there’s not much that they don’t know about tea.

If you want a trusted brand with loyal followers, check out the massive selection of natural teas that Stash makes.

#8 The Art of Tea

#8 The Art of Tea

The Art of Tea is an Australian brand located in Tasmania, and they source their products from both Tassie and the rest of Australia, then ship them to the rest of the world.

With over 20 years of history-making single-origin loose leaf teas and sticking to their artisan reputation, you’ll be able to taste a noticeable difference when you give one of their small-batch teas a try.

While not everything on The Art of Tea’s product page is organic, they do have a great selection of organically grown teas and have committed to a goal of eventually having 100% organic teas in their range.

Their current range includes blends like After Dinner Blend, Endimitriosis Blend, and Stress Less, showing that they go above and beyond what most tea brands do. If you want to feel as though you’re buying from a small company that truly loves what they do, The Art of Tea is the way to go.

#9 Hobb’s Tea

#9 Hobb’s Tea

Hawaii is home to beautiful white sandy beaches and stunning stretches of oceans, but it’s also a great place to grow organic tea. Hobb’s Tea is committed to making organic, sustainably grown, and clean teas, all grown in Hawaii, and they taste even better than the packaging that they come in.

The brand has been operational since 2013 and is led by founder Jamie who is a Hawaiian local and has a long family history dealing with the wonders of tea.

Hobb’s goes above and beyond just selling organic tea, they ensure their packaging is eco-friendly with compostable wraps and biodegradable sachets. They work with local and global artisanal farmers to guarantee sustainability and delicious products.

Their best sellers include Mango Iced Tea, Spicy Chai, and Wild Hibiscus, but they have a classic Black Tea that’s also amazing if you prefer to do things simply.

#10 Teatulia

#10 Teatulia

Teatulia Organic Tea is a beautiful brand with some beautiful blends on offer, and every single thing they create has the organic seal of approval.

Teatulia has been featured in some big-name publications including Forbes and CNN, but don’t let their worldwide acclaim confuse you as they’re committed to being as hands-on in the tea-making process as possible.

Teatulia does it all including tea sampler sets, iced tea blends, black, green, and white teas, oolongs, herbals, and energy teas. You can also find tea accessories and gifts on their website for the tea lover in your life.

The brand was founded in 2007 by the Ahmed family and today they have a diverse team behind everything they create. If you’re sick of drinking the same old cups of tea, their range will inspire you, and potentially lead you to your new favorite blend of tea.

Related Questions

Tea is a wonderful drink to sip on, whether hot or cold, and with so many flavors and blends to choose from, we’re truly spoilt for choice.

To find out more about the market of teas today and what some of the lingo means, read on for some commonly asked questions that can get you started.

What is Sustainably Sourced Tea?

Sustainably sourced tea is tea that has been grown, harvested, processed, and packaged using sustainable methods, however, each tea brand has its own definition of sustainability.

Sustainable teas are labeled that way because they usually have had minimal impact on the earth, and were grown using organic, biodynamic, and regenerative methods.

Can Tea Be Organic?

Can Tea Be Organic?

Yes, tea can be organic, and choosing a certified organic brand is a good way to ensure you’re getting the most health benefits from drinking it.

Organic tea has been grown and harvested without using any synthetic chemicals like pesticides and herbicides, so you’re getting none of that when you drink it.

Is Organic Tea Healthy?

Drinking organic tea is better for you because it’s free from heavy metals, harsh chemicals, and toxins, thanks to the more natural farming and harvesting methods used to grow it.

As a purer source of tea without any of the harmful additives, you get all of the health benefits and ensure a healthy balance of bacteria in your gut.


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