How to Prepare a Vegan Snack Mix

How to Prepare a Vegan Snack Mix


Lorraine Pinnix
March 19, 2022

The world would be a sad place without snacks, and especially snack mixes. If you’re vegan, finding a snack mix that suits your dietary requirements can be hard, which is why most plant-based eaters are happy to make one up for themselves.

How do you make a snack mix? A snack mix can be made using any of the popular formulas like bridge mix, Chex mix, trail mix, and Tex Mex Mix.

The key to making them vegan-friendly is to use ingredients that are plant-based, while still getting the flavors and textures that are found in these mixes.

A vegan snack mix can be enjoyed on your own or laid out at a party to share with others, and there’s virtually no end to the flavor combinations you can create.

If you want to know how to make a snack mix that suits your way of life, read on for our guide to doing it the vegan way.

What is A Snack Mix?

What is A Snack Mix?

A snack mix is a mixture of different snack foods combined together, usually with a specific flavor or purpose in mind.

Snack mixes can be enjoyed for just about any reason, but they’re popular when served at events with friends and family, taken to work as a mid-afternoon treat, or used when hiking or camping for a quick burst of energy.

The best thing about snack mixes is that they’re versatile and the person creating them can come up with just about any combination of snack foods they want to.

For the vegan, this means choosing plant-based snacks that you can feel good about eating.

Can Snack Mixes Be Healthy?

Can Snack Mixes Be Healthy?

The most common types of snack mixes feature a mixture of healthy and unhealthy foods, but as you make them yourself, you have the final say over their nutritional profile.

It depends entirely on your taste preferences and mood as to what goes into your snack mix, so they can be as healthy as you like.

To ensure your snack mix is good for you, steer clear of anything processed or foods that are laden with sugar and salt.

Some of the healthier alternatives for a vegan snack mix include nuts, seeds, and dried fruit, and the more natural of a form you can get these ingredients in, the better.

Vegan Snack Mixes for Every Occasion

Vegan Snack Mixes for Every Occasion

The best way to create a vegan snack mix is to use the already popular formulas that have been around for decades. Here are a few of the best snack mixes with some ideas on how to make them vegan-friendly.

  • Tex Mex Mix: This is a Mexican-themed snack mix that usually features dried chili, tortilla sticks and chips, and certain nuts. There are no ingredients you need to be worried about as a vegan, as long as you make the mix yourself.
  • Trail Mix: The popular trail mix is commonly enjoyed on the trail, which is where its name comes from. This vegan-friendly mix is made with ingredients like nuts, dried fruit, granola, and dark chocolate pieces, all of which can be enjoyed by vegans. 
  • Chex Mix: Chex Mix made with wheat Chex is considered vegan, so there’s no harm in enjoying it. Mix the Chex with pretzels, raisins, peanuts, and bagel chips to create a snack mix that’s truly worthy.
  • Bridge Mix: A vegan bridge mix is possible, as long as you use dark chocolate or plant-based milk chocolate. These mixes include nuts, raisins, and candy, all covered in chocolate, so it’s perfect for when you need a sweet treat.
  • Munchies Mix: This is one of the unhealthier snack mixes but still good for when you want to splurge. A vegan-friendly munchies mix can be made by combining some of your favorite snacks like pretzels, potato chips, and popcorn then pigging out while watching a movie.

Snacks in Every Style

Whether you’re hosting a party and want some Mexican-style cuisine on hand or are trekking into the mountains and need something to feast on, snack mixes are the best solution.

Making vegan-friendly snack mixes is easy, and you can use a time-tested formula or create some flavor combinations of your own.

Related Questions

If you’re a vegan, there’s a good chance you’ve found it challenging to come up with snack foods that you love to eat that are both plant-based and nutritious.

To help you figure out the best types of foods to snack on as a vegan, we’ve answered some commonly asked questions that will get you started.

Can Vegans Eat Popcorn?

Most places that make popcorn, like the cinema, will generally do so using butter or butter flavoring which contains milk.

However, many brands offer flavored popcorn kernels that you can make at home that are vegan-friendly.

Reading the ingredients list is the best way to ensure the popcorn you eat doesn’t have any animal content.

Is Maple Syrup Vegan?

Is Maple Syrup Vegan?

Maple syrup is a plant-based syrup coming from the maple tree, and unlike honey, it can be enjoyed by vegans.

The most popular use for maple syrup in vegan foods is as a natural sweetener that can be added as a healthier and more animal-friendly alternative to processed, white sugar.

Can Vegans Eat Hot Chips?

Hot chips that have been fried in vegetable oil are suitable for vegans as they’re mostly made of potatoes, and many restaurants will use this type of oil for frying.

However, you have to be mindful of what other foods may have been fried in the same oil which could lead to some cross-contamination.


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