Vegan Bulletproof Coffee: A Beginner’s Guide

Vegan Bulletproof Coffee: A Beginner’s Guide


Lorraine Pinnix
March 23, 2022

Low carb diets have become the latest craze, but if you’re a vegan it can be hard to find substitutes for many of the meals that feature in them.

Bulletproof coffee is one that’s easy for vegans to recreate so they can enjoy the energy-giving properties that this drink has to offer, and there’s more than one way to do it.

How do you make vegan bulletproof coffee? The most popular method for vegan bulletproof coffee is MCT or unrefined coconut oil plus nut butter or cacao butter.

The purpose of the drink is to have no carbs but a lot of fat and caffeine in a single-serve, and it claims to have many benefits.

Although it doesn’t sound like the most nutritionally dense breakfast idea, there are loads of people who swear by the benefits of bulletproof coffee in the morning.

We’ll explore the trend further and show you some ways to enjoy a vegan-ized version of the caffeinated drink to see if it’s for you.

What Is Bulletproof Coffee?

What Is Bulletproof Coffee?

The bulletproof coffee trend has been widely discussed in the last 10 years and is reportedly a huge favorite among the workers in Silicon Valley.

However, it has a history that dates back much further than that, with citizens of countries like Ethiopia and the Himalayas drinking coffee flavored with yak butter for centuries.

The introduction of bulletproof coffee to western countries is often attributed to David Asprey, a cloud computing pioneer, who visited Nepal and tried the yak butter tea for himself.

Today, it’s a popular breakfast for people following low and no-carb diets like keto, as it delivers full fat with minimal carbs, but a huge boost of energy from the caffeine as well.

Bulletproof coffee recipes vary somewhat but at their core, they include fresh coffee, two tablespoons of butter, and MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil.

The mixture is blended together to form a creamy, smooth, hot cup of coffee that resembles a latte, and it’s sipped on just as you would a regular breakfast drink.

The Benefits of Bulletproof Coffee

The Benefits of Bulletproof Coffee

When people first read of bulletproof coffee, they admit it doesn’t sound like the most appetizing thing, but it’s the benefits that give them to give it a try.

According to those who love it, these are some of the advantages possible when you drink your coffee in this way.

  • Promotes weight loss: When used in conjunction with a balanced diet and a low-carb meal plan, bulletproof coffee can be helpful. As the drink contains no carbs and a higher amount of fat, it ensures that you stay in the state of ketosis which can make it easier to burn fat in.
  • Reduces hunger: Bulletproof coffee is intended to be your breakfast and not just a cup of coffee you have on the side of it. the addition of butter and oil is meant to curb your appetite and ensure that you don’t get hungry for hours, so look at it as a full meal replacement.
  • Mental clarity: Most of us drink coiffe because it gives our brains a jumpstart in the morning, but according to bulletproof lovers, their drink of choice does an even better job of this. Apparently, you get more of the benefits of caffeine with the sluggishness of carbs, which people find helps them achieve greater mental clarity after drinking it.
  • Easier on your gut: Some people struggle with coffee and find that it causes them digestive issues, but they don’t want to give up the caffeine. The addition of MCT oil to this coffee is said to neutralize the acids of coffee and have an anti-inflammatory effect which makes it easier on your digestive system.
  • Coffee benefits: As well as the additional benefits of preparing the coffee this way, you also get access to all of the standard benefits that coffee comes with. Improved concentration, a feeling of alertness, a dose of antioxidants, and reduced risk of heart disease, just to name a few.

Can You Have It Vegan?

Can You Have It Vegan?

The traditional recipe for a bulletproof coffee is an espresso shot mixed with butter and oil, so it’s not entirely friendly for vegans.

The MCT oil is derived from coconuts which make that part safe, but it’s the butter that needs to be swapped out in order for it to be compatible with a plant-based diet.

Thankfully, there are a few variations of recipes that can be used for vegans wanting to try bulletproof coffee. Some people find there is a bit of trial and error as they experiment with different recipes before they find one with the taste they like.

The benefits are all believed to be the same as long as you use a reliable butter substitute that doesn’t contain carbohydrates.

If you’re not following a keto or low carb diet, there aren’t any restrictions on whatever else you want to mix with it, but you might not enjoy all of the reported benefits if you do.

How to Make Vegan Bulletproof Coffee

How to Make Vegan Bulletproof Coffee

Vegan bulletproof coffee has allowed plant-based eaters to enjoy the reported benefits of this caffeinated drink, and there’s more than one way to have it. Here is a simple recipe for making bulletproof coffee that’s 100% vegan and just as enjoyable.

  1. Brew up a cup of instant coffee, or use an espresso machine to make yourself a single or double shot of espresso. If using espresso, add some hot water to create around 1 ½ cups of liquid, as you would with a long black. Pour into a blender or container in preparation for mixing.
  2. Add two tablespoons of either cacao or non-dairy butter spread substitute to the blender. Some people might like to use nut butter, but it depends on the flavor and consistency you want.
  3. Add one tablespoon of melted MCT or unrefined coconut oil to the blender
  4. Place the lid on and blend for 30 seconds. The coffee should look creamy and frothy on top but still be hot. If needed, microwave it for 30 seconds to get the heat you desire.
  5. Add any sweeteners you wish to use, ensuring they are natural choices like stevia or xylitol if you are sticking to a keto diet. For those not following a strict diet, you can also add plant milk, maple syrup, or coconut sugar.
  6. Sip your coffee out of a mug just as you would with regular coffee, and enjoy.

The key to getting your vegan bulletproof coffee to be as good as the regular type is melting the butter first. Whether it’s a nut butter or a non-dairy spread, you should melt it first in the microwave so it turns into a liquid.

This will ensure that when you blend it, there are no chunks left floating around.

An Extreme Way to Have Your Morning Brew

As far as morning beverages go, bulletproof coffee would have to be one of the most unique, as long as you can get the vegan ingredients right.

While it’s not for everyone, it’s an interesting taste and texture to try, and with some potentially great benefits for vegans to get a hold of.

Related Questions

Bulletproof coffee is just one of many interesting ways that you can get a caffeine hit in the morning, with plenty of others that appeal to vegans as well.

To learn more about the various ways you can drink your morning coffee and still stick to a plant-based diet, read these FAQs and our answers.

Can I Mix Coffee With My Protein Powder?

There’s no harm in mixing your plant-based protein powder drink with a shot of coffee in the morning if that’s how you prefer to drink it.

The hot water from the coffee won’t do any damage to the protein’s nutrients so you can have some fun experimenting with new drinks that make use of both of them.

How Do You Order a Vegan Latte?

How Do You Order a Vegan Latte?

If you’re ordering a vegan latte at a coffee shop or café, it’s best to ask for a latte and specify the type of milk you want with it.

This could be either plant milk like almond or macadamia or soy-based milk. Most coffee shops have a selection of vegan-friendly kinds of milk in their fridges these days so it’s no longer a challenge.

Is Almond Milk Coffee Healthy?

The sugar content of almond milk is considerably lower than cow’s milk, so you’ll drink about 9 grams less in a standard latte if you opt for the plant-based version.

However, the addition of sugar and sweeteners or any other add-ns to the drink might make your vegan coffee not as healthy as you think.


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